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As a painter I have grown to still want the tools of the painter, but not make a painting in the classical format. A picture hanging on a wall, even though I believe in this deeply. In the Michael Talbot book, The Holographic Universe, he explains how a hologram works in the memory field of a person. That is, the brain can suffer damage yet the memory will remain intact even though the edges may be fuzzy. A hologram works similarly. The photographic field the hologram rests upon can be nearly destroyed, but when projected into space the picture remains. Each particle contains a remnant of the whole for both. Brian Greene postulates we may very well experience life as 3D projections of a black hole from a 2D surface, not unlike a hologram. In exploring how to structure my paintings in a 3D form, I have come to the everyday object. These sculptures work for me much like a still life, a photograph, a sentence. I consider them holoformed paintings. They are absolute projections into space of my artistic ideas.

The Word, scripts literature with technology, memory, belief, and faith. Indexing a previous work and then transferring that into a weave. Reflecting our histories, connections, differences, and commonalties.

The Space Between, and The Shells are mediated in oil and oil stick and together draw the painting. Michael uses these post modern approaches in his latest works rendering a graphic nuance, commenting on our technology and seeking a repurposing of what we already have created. 








New York:

The Artist Project New York Pier 92/94 

Solo Show at Marlowe's presented by Sandra Bernhard, and Michele Lee

Gallery @ 49: Hells Kitchen Group Show


MatthewTravisGallery: Group and Trio Shows

Los Angeles:

HBO Gallery Solo Show

Art-Seen: Auction for Aids Research Alliance

LACMA: Muse Art Walk

Create/Fixate: Spring '06 Show

Spring Arts Collective: 05-09 Monthly Downtown Art Walks



F.I.T. Women's Fashion Design

N.D.S.U. Textiles and Sciences/Fine Arts

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